Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 "Lewis and Clark" Deschutes River Float

This was originally posted on facebook, but since I have a few dear friends, who will never ever be on facebook, (cough, Sharon, Gina, Theresa, Maria...) and therefore never ever see it, I decided it would make a good first blog entry.

                                      2011 "Lewis & Clark" Deschutes River Float group photo

The 2011 Deschutes River Float is in the books. Our theme this year was "Lewis and Clark". We had a few explorers, we had a few Indians, but mostly, we had a good time! We call it the Deschutes River Float, but it's a weekend long party, with food, friends, and good times!
This year, we had a  50/50 raffle. The winning ticket would get half the money, while the other half, would go to The Doernbecher's Childrens Hospital, in Portland. By Saturday evening, we had collected $180!
                                          Hailey Perkins draws the winning ticket

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Sheila, who generously donated her winnings back to the Children! Billy said he would match it, for a total of $360 going to the Doernbecher's Childrens Hospital.

                                               Billy thanking Bodean for coming out to join us.

The prize for "Participant who came the farthest to be with us" went to Lloyd "Bodean" Wells. Bodean and Sheila, flew in from Kansas!

                                                       Billy with Graham and Briana Perkins.

Our second prize for "Participant who came the farthest to be with us" went to the Perkins family, from San Jose, CA.

Doug and Carol Swanson

The Prize for "Participant who came the farthest from within the Pacific Northwest" went to Doug and Carol Swanson, from Veneta, OR. (...and thanks Carol for the awesome Texas Sheet Cake! Delicious!)

                                                                   Kathy with her prize.

The prize for best costume went to Kathy Jones, who enthusiastically shopped for and designed, not only her costume, but also Jennifer's.

                                      Stacie, presenting Doug with the "Host's Choice Award".
Last year, float participant Shelly Stager, did a perfect and unplanned back flip off the back of her boat. It was a thing of beauty! All we could say was "Wow, we should have an award for that"! That is how the "Host's Choice Award" came about. This award can be given to anyone we want, for anything we think is prize worthy. This year's Host's Choice Award, went to Doug Swanson, who demonstrated exceptional bravery and quick canoe paddling, to almost save an almost drowning child. Luckily, it all ended well, but there was a moment!

                                                          Kitchen helpers, Kathy and Jennifer.

Special thanks to Kathy, for all the extra food! We really appreciate it! We already have a food list started for next year, with some great ideas. Did somebody say mimosas?

                                                             Chef Billy, cutting up tomatoes.

Chef Billy made his almost famous spaghetti on Friday night, and BBQ'd burgers and dogs on Saturday night.

                                                                         Grill Master!
                                                                    Enjoying the BBQ.
The highlight of our weekend: The Deschutes River Float. What a beautiful day day for a float down the river! (....and our costumes were a big hit too!)

                                                                     Kathy and Jennifer
                                               The Perkins Family: Hailey, Briana, & Graham.

                                                       Doug and Carol, in "The African Queen".
                                             Bodean and Sheila, row, row, rowing their boat.

                                                                     Scott, kickin' back.
                                                 Stan's pontoon boat. He's a fishing machine!

                                                                      Billy with braids.

                                                                    Billy without braids.
                                                                   Stacie with braids.

                                      'Cause we just needed one more look at Billy's costume!

As you can see, we had a wonderful time!  The theme next year is: THE 70'S! We have a year to work on our costumes, and the possibilities are endless.....Disco, Star Wars, Laugh In, Platform Shoes, Saturday Night Fever, Hippies, The Brady Bunch, Charlie's Angels, The Bicentennial, Animal House, Bell Bottoms........

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