Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yes, That's My Butt...

In the never ending process of promoting our business, I've started another blog. These days, in order to give a business more exposure, the owners must maintain a facebook page, and write a blog, chronicling all the latest happenings, and newsworthy bits about the business. Facebook is easy. I'm already there anyway, so clicking over to the business page, and making a few comments, is a piece of cake. Although I admit, maintaining three separate pages, and sometimes "Liking", or commenting on my own stuff, makes me feel slightly schizophrenic. The blogging part isn't as easy. I've already proven myself to be a bit of a passive aggressive blogger, but in the name of business, I'll try harder. If you would like to read our business blog, here is the link:

Today's post is about height, and baggage options on a motorcycle. I needed a few pictures of myself, sitting on the motorcycle to demonstrate the different seat heights, so the self timer, and a small tripod came in handy. Ten seconds is enough time to get on the bike, and flash a cheesy grin. I turned the camera off while I switched the seats, and I didn't realize it had reverted back to two seconds....So there you have it, a lovely picture of my butt. It made me laugh!

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